Welk Resorts Sirena Del Mar ideal place for spending family weekend

We traveled to Welk Resorts Sirena Del Mar in late July with two teenage daughters biforjedusif.info. The staff was friendly the hotel property and room was clean as is typical Sirena Del Mar expectations, I red a review here – travelzoo.com/hotel-booking/hotel/5342/welk-resort-sirena-del-mar. The beach was a bit disappointing due to the drop off to get down to it. They could have done a better job cutting out a step down to get up and down to it. My teen daughters seemed to have not problem shimmying down the slope but for us middle agers if posed a bit more difficult. We found the pool to be wonderful. Poolside service was great, and we loved the swim up bar. July is quite sweltering time to go to Cabo San Lucas, and l would suggest going a different time of year if you are wanting to do excursions beyond just laying at the beach and ocean. Breakfast at Sirena Del Mar was absolutely wonderful. We typically would eat a late breakfast and then skip lunch and save our appetite for a good dinner. We ate at the Japanese Rest on site. It was very good and we also ate at the Sports Bar. The girls enjoyed both of those places. There is also a McDonalds right across the street I would hit it early in the morning to grab a cup of coffee. I really would have appreciated an in room coffee machine. We rode the buses several times to get place to place as there is a bus stop short walk right out front of the Sirena Del Mar resort. We thought since we were staying next door to the JW Cabo that we were allowed to come use the pool at JW, we wandered over there to check it out and chill pool side over there for a bit and were promptly told JW guests only. Which was ok because quite honestly although it was very nice, it was kind of stuffy snobby atmosphere and not alot happening over there anyhow (because we were looking for relax spring atmosphere or anything else here – travelocity.com/Los-Cabos-Hotels-Welk-Resorts-Sirena-Del-Mar.h3177806.Hotel-Information) but Welk Resorts Sirena just seemed more relaxed with happy vacationers.

Unprofessional staff behavior at Buckberry Lodge

More than anything, I was disappointed with the staff and lack of customer service. I’m a Buckberry Lodge customer, so when I checked in, I asked the girl who checked me in to please attach my number to my reservation. Her reply was “It won’t do you any good. You won’t receive any points for your stay because you booked through travel website jhklfghgdgfdf. I had to virtually beg who to put my number on the reservation. With a disgusted sigh, she finally did. Then I asked her if there was any way that I could get a room with 2 full beds rather than 1 king. Heaven knows that Buckberry has asked me to make that exchange more times than I can count, and I’ve always been amenable to it. They, however, saw this as an upgrade and charged me $* extra per night plus tax for this so-called “upgrade”. When I told her that more than one person would be staying the room, she tried to charge me $* extra per person because I had only reserved the room for myself. However, I was able to show her that the reservation allowed more than one person, and I got out of that fee. On top of everything else, the room didn’t even have a refridgerator. There was a spot for a refridgerator, but no refridgerator. Some upgrade, huh? I got the impression that this particular hotel will charge you for anything and everything that they can, and in Gatlinburg, everything is expensive enough. It leaves the impression that they don’t care about their customers. At least, that’s how I felt.